New Varieties for 1999

Gardeners are looking for new plants every year. Here are new flowers and vegetables that will be featured in 1999 mail order seed catalogs, seed packets or as bedding plants at garden centers. The varieties are listed alphabetically by class, with the seed source listed in parentheses after the description. The designation ‘R’ means a retail seed company from which gardeners may purchase seed directly by mail order or also in stores that carry the variety in seed packets. A’W’ designation indicates a wholesale seed company which does not sell directly to home gardeners, but these varieties should be available in catalogs or as bedding plants at garden centers next spring.

Begonia F1 Hybrid ‘Pinup® Flame’ * The first Begonia to earn the AAS Award, ‘Pin-up® Flame’ is an unique yellow flower with orange petal edge. The single bloom can be 2-4 inches. Desirous of shade, this tuberous rooted begonia will attain a height of only 10-12 inches, plant it in front of your garden for maximum visibility. (Benary) W

Marigold ‘Bonanza Bolero’ * 1999 AAS Bedding Plant Award Winner, is an improved dwarf, french marigold, distinct because of its irregular gold and red bicolor pattern. The large 2 ¼” double flowers are primarily gold with red petal tips. Plants will attain a height 8-12 inches and spread 12-24 inches when given adequate moisture and nutrients. (PanAmerican) W

Osteospermum ‘Passion Mix’ * 1999 AAS Bedding Plant Award Winner. The most attractive feature is the single, daisy-like flowers with azure blue centers. Flowers are pink, rose, purple or pure white. The branching plants will reach 12- inches and are relatively pest free. Grow in the full sun garden. Once plants are established, ‘Passion Mix’ is drought tolerant, perfect for and climates. (American Takii) W

Petunia Celebrity Series ‘Carmine’ * A deep crimson flower with a beautiful white throat. Flowers are larger than a typical multiflora, but Celebrity varieties still boast excellent garden performance. (Bodger) W

Petunia ‘Misty Lilac Wave’ * has large light lavender blooms and is extremely free flowering. Spreading habit makes them ideal for ground covers and baskets. Easy to grow and maintain in the garden, these weather-tolerant petunias bloom freely all season without being cut back. (PanAmerican) W

Petunia ‘Trailblazer’ * is a vivid violet. Plants are fuller and less flat, reaching 12-14 inches in height and covered in blooms all along the stem. The plants spread to 4 feet in the garden by midsummer. (Novartis) W

Phlox ’21st Century’ * Vigorous lateral branches make fuller plants in containers. Trials show exceptional weather tolerance and superior ‘flower power.’ Vividly colored flowers through the season. The unique color mix includes bright solid crimson, scarlet, coral, blue and white, complimentary eyed and bicolor blooms. (Ball) W

Portulaca F1 Hybrid ‘Sundial Peach’ * This is the first portulaca to win an AAS Award. The unique, glowing peach color is unmatched and the flower size is improved to 2 inches. ‘Sundial Peach’ flowers resist closing and so provide more garden color. The small plant spreads 8-12 inches and is recommended for containers. (Bodger) W

Snapdragon ‘Crown Pink Appleblossom’ * Plants are medium-tall, reaching 12-16 inches, with a distinctly different habit. Instead of one or two tall central flowers, the plants have many shorter spikes at once. The plants have much more color in the garden, and excellent fragrance. (Novartis) W Sunflower ‘Monet’s Palette’ * Stunning combination of single-colored, pollen-free, flowers in shades of yellow, with red, orange and yellow bicolored beauties. The six-foot tall plants have a strong branching habit for continuous blooms throughout the summer. (NK Lawn & Garden) R

Sunflower ‘Sundance Kid’ * A unique sunflower with 4-6″ semi-double flowers in shades of bronze to pure yellow. Multi-branching plants are very showy for pots or garden. Excellent cut flower with strong stems and long vase life. Almost no pollen drop. Height 15-17″ in containers. 20-28″ in ground. Blooms in about 60 days. (Vesey’s) R

Tritoma ‘Flamenco’ * A 1999 AAS Flower Winner, this perennial, (Zones 5-9), Kniphofia uvaria, also called Red-Hot-Poker, offers gardeners the advantage of each plant flowering the first year. The flowers are tubular and layered on a spike. The flowers are creamy white, orange, yellow, or red. The spikes are excellent cut flowers with stems up to 30 inches. (Benary) W

Verbena ‘Quartz Burgundy’ * A 1999 AAS Bedding Plant Award Winner. A deep wine red color with small white eye is a new feature of this verbena. Flowering will continue throughout the growing season. Mature plants can be about 6 to 8 inches tall and spread about 15 inches. A full sun annual. (PanAmerican) W

Verbena ‘Romance Lavender Rose’ * Luminous purple-toned rose blooms bring unique color to ‘Romance’ series. Produces 8 to 10 inch (20 to 25% cm) plants that spread 10 to 12 inches (215% to 30% cm). (Ball) W

Viola ‘Four Seasons’ * These nonstop bloomers provide golden yellow color throughout spring, summer and fall in cold climates, or through fall, winter and spring in warm climates. Low, spreading plants quickly form a solid mat of color. Blooms just 10 weeks from sowing. Sun or shade. (Park) R

Zinnia ‘Profusion Cherry’ * 1999 Gold Medal Winner. Two-inch single blooms dress up these disease tolerant, heat tolerant plants. Free flowering all summer, plants will grow about 12-18 inches tall in the full sun garden. Sets a new standard for mid size garden Zinnias. (Sakata) W

Zinnia ‘Profusion Orange’ * 1999 Gold Medal Winner. Sister line to ‘Profusion Cherry’, with the same disease tolerance and free flowering qualities. These Zinnias are absolutely carefree in the garden. No pinching or staking needed, only water when needed! (Sakata) W

Pumpkin Wee-B-Little’ * AAS Winner. This true miniature orange pumpkin is a totally unique size weighing about 8-16 ounces. It is a round pumpkin shape, perfect for interior fall decorations. Easy to grow from seed, ‘Wee-B-Little’ plants are a bush habit spreading only 6-8 feet. (Novartis) W

Squash F1 Hybrid ‘Eight Ball’ * AAS Winner. ‘Eight Ball’ tastes great and is the first round summer squash with dark zucchini green skin. Improved for earliness, gardeners can harvest round baby squash in about 5-6 weeks. Plants grow about 3 feet wide. This may be the first squash that you can’t have too many of. (Hollar) W

Sweet Corn ‘Brilliance’ * For white sweet corn enthusiasts, this new sugary enhanced, 79 day hybrid rates high. Elevated sugars for sweetness and the shiny white kernels have a wonderful texture. Excellent disease resistance. Requires no isolation from other corns to prevent cross-pollination. (Harris) R

Sweet Corn ‘Sweet Riser’ * A unique combination of genetics that puts 3 different types of sweet corn all in one ear. This breakthrough in plant breeding allows for good germination and plant and husk quality, combined with sweeter tasting ears that hold their sugars longer. Maturing in 65 days ‘Sweet Riser’ will meet the high standards of home gardeners. (Harris) R

Tomato Hybrid ‘Sweet Cluster’ * A vine-on tomato like the Dutch varieties you’ve seen in stores for $4.00/lb. Sweet fruits average about 4 ounces, and extended shelf-life allows the entire truss to ripen without a reduction in quality of the first fruits in the cluster. (Seminis) W

Tomato Hybrid ‘Bucks County’ * 74 days. An 8-oz, deep red beefsteak with same great flavor and succulent texture, but gorgeous crack-free skin and much higher yield potential. We also added VFAS disease resistance. (Burpee) R

Tomato F1 Hybrid ‘Juliet’ * AAS Winner. The red, one ounce tomatoes are produced in clusters like grapes on the long vigorous indeterminate vines. The fruit shape is unusual, an elongated cherry type. The most important quality is the crack resistance. ‘Juliet tomatoes hold on the vine so gardeners can harvest and eat more ‘Juliet’ tomatoes. (Known-You) W

Watermelon F1 Hybrid ‘Now Queen’ * AAS Winner. ‘New Queen’ is a unique, gourmet watermelon with bright orange, sweet flesh. The melons are icebox size, 5-6% lbs. Easy to grow from seed or plants, ‘New Queen’ is early to mature in about 75 days from seed. The strong vigorous vines grow up to 9 feet. (Known-You) W

Disease Resistance Codes
V – Verticillium
F – Fusarium
A – Altemaria Stem Canker
S – Gray Leaf Spot

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